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spring water

sourced in the heart of the


forest of the

nature park





Our spring water radius 99 presents itself amazingly still.

It derives from an untouched natural preserve located deep in the German forest Taunus.

The refreshing spring water comes from the well-known Haderheck-Source. It filters through the rocky underground of the forest, collecting all the goodness from the land. Around this beautiful area, there aren’t any industrial, agricultural or farming activities, so the water stays pure and perfectly protected from any environmental pollution. Completely natural, it is bottled gently and pressure free directly into recyclable bottles from the glass factory. This way, the water keeps its original character and typical taste.

In order to maintain the excellent quality of the fine water, the bottles are packed in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes immediately after they are filled. This way, they are protected from dust, day- and sunlight. Thus, radius99 arrives totally fresh at our customers – breathtakingly still.


Radius99, which I am very happy to recommend, comes from a natural spring in the climatic health resort of Königstein, in the middle of the rocky Taunus Nature Park. It is bottled freshly from the spring and without pressure in glass bottles. The low and very balanced mineralized water has a pleasant and very soft taste. Its valuable properties and its positive effect on our body make it   - yes, you could say - a real *remedy*. It is not only suitable for daily enjoyment, but also to support fasting cures or detoxification of our body - our self-healing powers are stimulated!


Anyone who decides on a health-conscious diet is well advised to include radius99 in their diet plan. Get well - to good health!


Christine Zink - vital analysis and health advice in the magic mountain

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